Gore’s Son vs. The Bush Twins

The bad news is that Al Gore’s son appears to have a Paris Hilton-like driving problem. We’d have had examples of bad behavior from the First Family even if the Supreme Court hadn’t intervened in the 2000 election.

The good news is that Al Gore III at least learned something from his father. He was picked up for drug posession driving a hybrid Toyota Prius. He may have been endangering himself and other drivers on the road, but at least he was doing his bit for the environment.

If Kerry had pulled it out in 2004, the Presidential children would have been far more boring. Even a clothing malfunction at Cannes doesn’t compete with this or the Bush twins.

Update: From all the links to this post, it appears that conservative blogs have little understanding of snark, as well as low tolerance for knocking the Bush twins. In contrast to what a number of conservative blogs claim, this post criticizes Gore’s son for “endangering himself and other drivers on the road” and the comment on him driving a hybrid is snark, not an excuse for him. Also in contrast to what is claimed on conservative blogs, this post does not address the question of whether Gore or Bush has children with greater problems. Both obviously do, and I wasn’t addressing the question of which kids are worse. While it does appear that Gore’s son’s problems are more severe, I wouldn’t discount the behavior of the Bush twins either as many conservative blogs have.

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  1. 1
    daveinboca says:

    Yes, even the nets and PBS mention the Gore III’s getting busted, though they neglect his rap sheet on drugs and other unreported stuff like his getting kicked out of St. Alban’s—like his father Al III was a snitch and a miscreant at the same time. And they neglect that his “prescription” drugs were non-prescribed street buys.

    Al Gore II’s strange inability to get into law school has never been examined by an MSM avid for every sordid detail of your average Repub candidates CV. The urban legend is that he had what used to be called a massive “crack-up” during his college years—the lefty MSM has helped him cover up these factoids which would be fine by me had the MSM been even-handed in its cover-up mode.

    Al II is actually a decent guy in person and went out of his way to greet my 6-year old daughter in the White House Mess when he was on crutches due to a basketball Achilles-heel incident.

    In public, he is a stuffed confection of leftist twaddle and self-righteous flimflammery. But he has constantly played his hand as though he has a Full House even though every time he is unmasked, it’s been a busted flush!

    The secret sins of the fathers are passed on to their kids, which is why I fear for my now 18-year old daughter!

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Al Gore may have his faults, but the country would have been much better off if he had taken office in 2001 as opposed to George Bush.

    Looking at the candidates being offered by both parties this year, Gore looks even better now than he did in 2000.

  3. 3
    Steve says:

    Ron, are you sane? Al “Carbonless” Gore is as big a thief as his running partner Clinton. You’re either too young or suffering from ADD if you can’t remember the Clinton-Gore scandals. Largest illegal domestic AND foreign campaign contributions EVER! Gore lives in a huge mansion with an average $8,000 a month utility bill. Has a house in Tennessee on land that has a zinc mine run by Pasminco Mining that pays him $20,000 in royalties. They have been fined several times by the state for polluting the nearby Caney Fork river with zinc, lead and barium. His family’s holdings in Occidental (OXY) Oil that has been cited many times for drilling in enviormentally sensitive areas mean nothing to a enviromentalist like Al? Hypocricy and credibilty mean nothing to that phoney.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:


    No, I’m not too young to remenmber the so-called “Clinton-Gore” scandals. Fortunatley I was old enough to do a bit of fact checking as opposed to believing everything claimed by the right wing noise machine. The so-called scandals primarily consisted of lots of charges which never held up.

    Clinton definatley had his faults, such as his triagulation in place of sticking to principle. I also wasn’t very happy with Gore’s temporary infatuation with populism (and hope he got over that should he run), but Clinton and Gore look quite good, despite their faults, when compared to the real faults seen among all the current Republican candidates.

  5. 5
    Donald Douglas says:

    Al Gore’s kid’s bust has nothing to do with the Bush family. Who cares if he was doing his “bit for the environment.” He’s an addict, plain and simple, whose behavior should be scorned, and rightly so. Quit celebrating the behavior of death, as that’s all this episode represents.

  6. 6
    Ron Chusid says:

    The behavior of Gore’s kid sounds quite a bit like the behavior of the Bush twins. As for the behavior of death, the Bush twins’ father is the champion there.

  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Ron says: … “but Clinton and Gore look quite good, despite their faults, when compared to the real faults seen among all the current Republican candidates.”

    I’m sick of this doom loop of ever downward spiraling standards. We would be well to vow, as a society, never to elect anyone integrally involved in, or bearing the family name of, the Bush, Clinton, or

    Nixon, administrations.

    Hypocrisy and incompetence, coupled with arrogance and tone-deafness is a syndrome that affects Republicans and Democrats alike these days. The whole lot of them gives me indigestion. Gore is no better than the “typical” pol in these regards, and to say that he looks/looked good (relatively) is to say that it is better for you to eat uncooked bacon adorned by maggots than it is to scarf down rotting beef covered with flies.

  8. 8
    Terry Ott says:

    That’s me at 10:27 pm. Didn’t intend to be anonymous, just had a brain spasm re: filling out the reply heading. Sorry.

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