Lap Dancing Protected Under Oregon Constitution

Lap dancing appears to be a big issue in the Pacific north west. Last November I posted on proposed restrictions in Seattle. Now we have a judge in Salem, Oregon defending lap dancing as being protected by the free speech provisions of the Oregon Constitution.

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    anonymous says:

    When it comes to entertainment, the masses supply the demand. Historically, an attrative female body has always been considered a valuable item, worthy of trade. Lonely men have always been willing to pay the price to receive special attention from the opposite sex. If  our government attempts to prohibit this, they will send it underground where it will manifest itself into prositution which is both unsafe and damaging to both men and women. We need to allow the goods to be traded in a controlled, healthy manner. We can’t send adult entertaiment to the back allies. Let’s be realistic . Beautiful bodies have value in this economy. Let’s embrace that fact and let women use their natural assets. Thank you.

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