Poll Shows Low Approval For Congress; Lower Approval For Republicans

In looking at previous polls showing low approval for Congress, I noted that I would also give them a low approval rating and that these polls should not be interpreted as preferring Republican control. This attitude is also seen in a CNN Poll. 49% disapprove of what the Democratic leaders in Congress have done but it is clear in this poll that they do not think the Republicans would do any better. 57% said they believe Democratic control of Congress is good for the country with 31% disagreeing.

Democrats also continue to win on generic ballots. 53% say they would vote for a Democratic candidate for Congress if the elections were held today while 41% say they would vote for the Republican. 51% have a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party with 38% having an unfavorable opinion. In contrast 53% have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican Party with only 36% having a favorable opinion.

Approval of Congress and approval of the parties are two separate issues. Many of us can disapprove of what Congress has done so far, but still realize that the Republicans have shown that they were incapable of governing effectively or with integrity when they were in control. Some of the reasons to disapprove of Congress are not reasons to support the Republicans, including dissatisfaction with their actions to end the war and to hold the Bush administration accountable. Other reasons are institutional, such as the inability to accomplish very much with a slim majority and hostile President.

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