Clinton Concedes Defeat to Obama–On Fund Raising

The initial wave of Obamamania had seemed to die down in the media, and Hillary Clinton had been appearing to remain a strong front runner–assuming that anything that happens this early really matters, and assuming that Al Gore stays out of the race. It isn’t surprising that Obama wasn’t able to maintain that intensity of coverage once the novelty wore off. The dynamics of the race may change again, however, when the results of the second quarter fund raising come in. Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat, at least as far as this quarter is concerned.

A memo from campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson predicts that Clinton will bring in $27 million. He didn’t disclose how much of this is for the primary campaign and how much for the general election. Obama is expected to raise around $30 million, most of it for the primary campaign. Obama might also have a long term advantage in terms of fund raising as more of his contributions have come from small donors who can legally continue to contribute, while Clinton has received more funds from those who have already reached the maximum.

Last night’s debate was also mixed in terms of the perceived winner with the edge going once again to Hillary Clinton. The Politico places Clinton in first place with Obama in second. David Yepsin thought that Hillary’s performance should help her over take Edwards in Iowa. Others writing on the debates have called this Obama’s best debate performance yet, with some believing he tied or beat Clinton.

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