Gore Leads New Hampshire Poll

National polls have generally placed Al Gore in third place when he is included. I doubt many people have paid much attention to this due to both the unreliability of national polls this far before the primaries and due to believing Gore would do much better if he was actually in the race. We now have a better indication of how Gore might do. A New Hampshire presidential poll by WHDH-TV and Suffolk University shows that Gore would lead the race with 32%, and I bet he would do even better if he was an active candidate. Hillary Clinton leads with 37% without Gore in the race, but loses over a quarter of support when Gore’s name is added to the poll.

Considering all the things which could happen which could help and hurt each candidate’s choices, it is impossible to make any definite predictions now. That said, I think that if Gore entered the race he would have the best chance of any of the candidates to win. Polls such as this might also motivate Gore to give it a shot.


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    janet says:

    I watch with anticipation!

  2. 2
    b-psycho says:

    You sure his support wouldn’t go down instead of up if he actually ran?

    Far as I can tell, part of the appeal behind him (and for that matter, Bloomberg*) is that, since he’s NOT running, he’s unburdened by all the standard strategic considerations everyone makes. He can actually just be himself, people like that.

    (* – Fred doesn’t count, since his acting background makes it too easy for him to distort his image. His base of support is limited to the desperate and/or completely ignorant anyway.)

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Anything could happen, but if Gore does a half way decent job campaigning I think he could increase his support further. At this point Ihink that some people are leaning towards one candidate and name them, regardless of whether Gore is in the poll as they still don’t think of Gore as a possibility. If he was actually a declared candidate I think he’d pick up more support.

    Regardless of the effects on national polls, his first place position in New Hampshire is signficant, assuming he maintains this. The results of the early caucuses and primaries can produce a huge bounce in the national polls.

  4. 4
    KerryDemocrat says:

    I fully expect that Al Gore will run and I have been waiting for it to happen. I have not openly supported any of the current field of candidates although several are intriguing to me.

    If Gore runs, I will definitely support him with my time and money. I will also have to make a blog id change, I suppose.


  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    If I start getting comments here from GoreDemocrat, I’ll assume its you.

  6. 6
    KerryDemocrat says:

    No….I think I will just have to go with something a bot more generic, like The Liberal Gambler 🙂

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