Ann Coulter Is Losing It


Ann Coulter can dish it out, but we now see that she can’t take it herself. She may call her political opponents traitors or fags, or say she wishes they were killed by terrorists, but she can’t handle the recent criticism from John and Elizabeth Edwards. More comments at AmericaBlog.

Update: Ann Coulter provides her spin in today’s column.  Hmm, someone who spews lies and hatred and then acts like the innocent victim. I’m getting a strange sense of deju vu here. Well, at least Ann Coulter doesn’t stoop so low as to say that those who criticize her are sexists for criticizing a woman.


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    daveinboca says:

    Let’s see. A few months ago, Ann used the “F-word” to characterize Edwards at a private political function. Since then, the ultra-left has climbed on a bandwagon that loudly blares out that Ann has hurt herself and the Repubs—the Edwards camp is vociferous in making these statements, saying that Ann is raising funds for JE and his ubiquitous spouse. But RCP notes:

    “Back in mid-April Edwards peaked in the RCP Average at 17.8%, while Clinton held a 12.8% advantage over Obama, 35.8% to 23.0%. Today, the Clinton – Obama race is virtually unchanged, with the New York Senator holding a 12.4% edge, 36.0% to 23.6%. Edwards, on the other hand, has lost over 30% of his support and has seen his national numbers fall to 12.4% in the latest RCP Average. The most recent Washington Post and Los Angeles Times polls have his national numbers in single digits at 8%. In the InTrade prediction markets Edwards’ odds to be the Democratic nominee have plunged from 25% at the beginning of the year to only 5% today.”

    Part of his decline is JE’s tendency to spend more time and money on hair-and-makeup—but David Gregory is administering some tough-love medicine to the yapping bloggers who think that hiring Amanda “I hate God and especially Catholics” Marcotte, calling the Edwards’ neighbor “hateful” for putting a Giuliani sign on his property, and refusing to go on Fox Debates.

    JE has been pulling the discourse leftward, and RCP has the results. With more successes like the fever-swamp nutroots proclaim, Edwards should be out of the race soon.

    Of course, the Silk Pony has been living in Iowa for the last six months, so he might get a bump out of the Ames & straw poll caucuses. But he is a one-trick pony, and it looks like we’ve had enough.

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    Ron Chusid says:


    You are too kind. I’ve been far more critical of Edwards here than you have. Not only have I argued that I see no reason why he deserves to be considered for a national ticket, I’ve also criticized him for his rhetoric of class warfare (which is comparable to your comment that he’s pulling the discourse leftward).

    So, we pretty much agree on Edwards (except that I still give him an outside chance as long as he looks like he can win Iowa). None of this justifies the type of hatred and distortions which typically come from Ann Coulter. (Personally I suspect that people like Coulter and Limbaugh are just putting on an act, laughing all the way to the bank, and don’t believe a word of what they say. Unfortunately too many on the right actually take what they say seriously.)

    You claim, “Since then, the ultra-left has climbed on a bandwagon that loudly blares out that Ann has hurt herself and the Repub…”

    Check out who is on this bandwagon. It’s hardly just the ultra-left:

    I guess they forgot to send you the memo that even semi-sane conservatives are fed up with Ann Coulter.

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