Gore 2000 Staff Available Should He Decide to Run

The Gore watch continues, today from The Hill which reports that many members of his 2000 team are still uncommitted. This includes campaign manager Donna Brazile, policy director Elaine Kamarck, media strategist Tad Devine, traveling chief of staff Michael Feldman, spokesmen Chris Lehane and Jano Cabrera, and strategists Bob Shrum, Michael Whouley and Monica Dixon.

Many of those who spoke with The Hill gave reasons for not getting involved in the primary race and many stated that they do not expect Gore to run. Most of them also remained out of the 2004 race, while Shrum and Whouley did get involved due to connections to John Kerry. The article really says nothing to answer the question of whether Gore will  run. It is of interest that, should he decide to run, he has potential staff available, giving him the freedom to wait to see how the race shapes up to decide. There is also the question, considering the problems in the 2000 campaign, of whether he would be best off with his old staffers should he run again.

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