On Abortion: Place Rights Above Politics

Tristero reminds readers that the alternative to legalized abortion is not the abolition of abortions but a return to shirt hanger abortions. This comes in response to an op-ed by Melinda Henneberger claiming that abortion was the reason women voters left the Democratic Party.

Contrary to Henneberger’s arguments, I still see the “security mom” argument as more probable. This explains why so many voted for Bush in 2004 following a wave of Republican propaganda to take advantage of 9/11, followed by heavy losses among Republicans in 2006 when more people saw through the false claims.

Even if I’m wrong and the Democrats did lose a significant number of voters due to their support of abortion rights, that really does not change a thing. Defending the right of women to control their bodies is a fundamental right, defense of which should never be dropped out of political expediency.

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