The Democratic Daily Continues Their Personal Smears

I’m working off of a Palm in an airport and therefore am limited in what in posting until I get to a real computer. Regular readers know how this blog was started as I left The Democratic Daily as a result of the support of anti-Semitism and their atmosphere of insistence in a lockstep adherence to their increasingly looney beliefs. This included everything from belief in ghosts and astrology to conspiracy theories. Since then they have engaged in slandering me as opposed to responding to my arguments. When I finally decided to speak out against their tactics they tried to call this sexism. Arguments on blogs sometimes get heated and we all write things we would not write in the heat of anger, but it is a perversion of feminism to hide behind this when someone responds to their attacks. The blogosphere can be a rough place in terms of what is read, and most treat both men and women the same in such arguments. It is also easy to make such comments sound much worse, or take on a totally different meaning, when people like Todd take them out of context.

Recently we’ve had disagreements over belief in 9/11 conspiracy theories. I guess they couldn’t handle the fact that more evidence came out today proving they were wrong so they launched another personal attack.

I will respond more when I get to a real computer. Fot now I will note that about the worst they can come up with is a picture vaguely revealing a nipple in a post mocking Lindsay Lohan. The blog censors of The Democratic Daily are at it again. I guess this isn’t as bad as their blocking criticism of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

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