John Edwards, Class Warfare, and Michael Bloomberg

If we can rely on The Politico, it sounds like Edwards plans to return to class warfare. His “two Americas” theme will appeal to some but alienate many more. It might work in the primaries, if his target voters can forget his mansion and $400 haircuts. Perhaps that is all that will be needed following Bush. This certainly will not help the Democrats keep the support of the moderates and “Starbucks Republicans” who supported them in 2006.

If I was Michael Bloomberg, I would be very happy to see this development, and would root for Edwards to win the Democratic nomination. On the other hand, Edwards might see the possibility of Bloomberg entering the race as allowing him to attempt this strategy.

I have a difficult time seeing how Bloomberg could win enough states to win in the electoral college, but the possible entry of Bloomberg in the race could have a major impact which might help Edwards. While Edwards would have a tough time with many of those moderate voters in any event, Bloomberg might take those votes and keep them from returning to the Republicans, allowing Edwards to achieve a plurality.

The Politico also reports that, “Edwards is trying to cast himself as the candidate of substance, with the most specific plans on health care, energy and Iraq.” Presenting plans written by others might create the illusion, but does not represent true substance. True substance might come from the experience of working on the details of legislation or governing. Edwards’ dabbling in politics does not count for much.

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