Bloomberg Criticizes “Swamp of Dysfunction” in Washington

During a campaign trip guest speech at Google, Michael Bloomberg warned that the United States is “really in trouble.” The New York Times describes him as sounding like a candidate:

Asked about the subject, Mr. Bloomberg said that he was not a candidate for president and intended to finish out his term, which lasts through 2009, and then become a full-time philanthropist. Nonetheless, he declined to say definitively that he would not run, calling a question from a reporter asking him if he would rule out a candidacy too “Shermanesque” to answer.

In his remarks, he sounded much like a candidate for national office. He returned to a pet theme, criticizing the federal government for its immigration policies and what he sees as insufficient attention to rising costs of Social Security and health care.

Bloomberg repeated his earlier advice of keeping terrorism in perspective as he criticized candidates who talk about terrorism but ignore problems such as education and crime:

Arguing that people have a much greater chance of being killed by street crime than by a terror attack, he said: “Yet every press conference, they all beat their chests and say, ‘I can protect this country better from terrorism.’ Well, what about protecting them out in the streets every day?”

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