More Rumors of Bloomberg On a Third Party Ticket

Maybe it’s a sign that people are not satisfied with the choices being offered by the major parties, but talk of third party candidates continues to attract attention. Following Michael Bloomberg’s appearance on the cover of Time, Robert Novak reports on new rumors of third party plans:

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg delivered the University of Oklahoma commencement address May 11, he engaged in a long, private discussion about 2008 politics with university president and maverick Democrat David Boren.

According to New York political sources, they discussed a role Boren might play in an independent Bloomberg campaign for president — generating speculation about a Bloomberg-Boren ticket. In introducing Bloomberg for his commencement speech, Boren praised the mayor’s record stabilizing his city’s budget and strengthening its economy after the 9/11 attack.

Boren was governor of Oklahoma before serving 16 years in the U.S. Senate. A moderate Democrat, he clashed with President Bill Clinton and left the Senate in 1994 to take the University of Oklahoma post. He declined Ross Perot’s offer of the Reform Party vice presidential nomination in 1996 but said he might be open to a 2000 draft.

I wonder what Chuck Hagel thinks of this new speculation on a different running mate.

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