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It’s been impossible to ignore all the publicity about Paris Hilton, and difficult to resist posting on. It was just too hard to resist blog posts entitled Paris Has Been Liberated! and Paris Burning. I’ve heard claims that Paris was being treated more harshly than others with similar offenses would, but I’ve actually only paid marginal attention to the whole affair and hadn’t seen any clear evidence either way. Today the Los Angeles Times presents an analysis,and also turns this into a real story as opposed to celebrity fluff, ensuring that we’ll always have Paris.

The analysis in the Los Angeles Times find that “Paris Hilton will end up serving more time behind bars than the vast majority of inmates sent to L.A. County Jail for similar offenses.”

The Times analyzed 2 million jail releases and found 1,500 cases since July 2002 that — like Hilton’s — involved defendants who had been arrested for drunk driving and later sentenced to jail after a probation violation or driving without a license.

Had Hilton left jail for good after four days, her stint behind bars would have been similar to those served by 60% of those inmates.

But after a judge sent her back to jail Friday, Hilton’s attorney announced that she would serve the full 23 days. That means that Hilton will end up serving more time than 80% of other people in similar situations.

Paris Hilton shouldn’t be given special treatment due to her fame and wealth, but neither should she be treated more harshly than the vast majority convicted of similar offenses.

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