Bush Falls to New Low

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News shows George Bush’s approval falling to a new low in their poll at 29%, with only 19% believing the country is head in the right direction. Approval of Congress remains higher than when under Republican control, but at its lowest level since January at 23%.

Republicans commenting here have sometimes cited low approval for Congress as evidence of anti-Democratic sentiment, but this hardly proves support for the Republicans. If asked by a pollster I would state disapproval of Congress due to insufficient action in getting out of Iraq and investigating the abuses of the Bush administration. I do recognize that they have not been in power very long, and their majority is too small to expect much, and therefore I am reluctant to place too much blame on individual. Regardless of that, I would state disapproval of Congress as a body, but this hardly suggests any support for the Republicans who were far worse when in control.

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