Rudy Giuliani’s Twelve Commitments

Outside the Beltway presents Rudy Giuliani’s Twelve Commitments. They already tear them apart. While my criticism might be a bit different in places, referring to the list, along with OTB’s comments, should be sufficient to once again show that Giuliani is all rhetoric and no substance. For those who don’t want to follow the link, I’ll just quote a couple, starting with number one: “I will keep America on offense in the Terrorists’ War on Us.”

I take this to mean more Iraq and no effective action.  I cannot see Giuliani waging any time of meaningful effort against terrorism considering he has no real idea what the problem is beyond repeating the Bush line that the terrorists hate us for our freedom. Ron Paul tried to explain that US involvement in the middle east plays a part, but to a demagogue like Giuliani this presented a situation in which to twist this to be a claim that the was our fault, as opposed to being a much needed learning experience.

Giuliani’s list also includes, “I will give Americans more control over, and access to, healthcare with affordable and portable free-market solutions.” If he means giving Americans more control over their care, how about reconsidering his opposition to legalization of medicinal use of marijuana.

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    markg8 says:

    Did he write that on a bar napkin between visits to airport tarmacs? And what is he going to do with all those non citizens he identifies? Ethnically cleanse them? Give ’em all union cards? Send them to Iraq?

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