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I periodically have posts covering blog debates, but yesterday’s post on conservative blogs taking on The Democratic Daily over support for 9/11 conspiracy theories got me entangled into a larger fight. The Jawa Report has provided third party coverage:

Blogfight! : Twoofer Lib vs. Regular Lib

The post I put up a few days back had little to do with the actual content of this minor loony-lib-on-regular-lib blogfight, but the former official Kerry blogger/Democratic Daily editor known as Pamela who’d been pushing a debunked and loony 9-11 Twoofer documentary was apparently frothing at a fellow lib’s blog (who was doing nothing more than pointing out what was happening in his post, and linking us in the process).

Ron at Liberal Values (a former blogger at Democratic Daily) was attacked by Pamela, who seems to have as much a problem resiting juvenile agitprop videos as she does remembering facts in her recent history. A few other moonbats trickle in and begin flinging stuff about astrology, the lack of leftist purity that Ron posseses and (of course) Twooferism, at which Ron rightfully balks.

I can’t say I sympathize with some of Ron’s politics, but I can certainly sympathize with the need to push back against the Twoofers and their ancillary legions of astrologers, Holocaust deniers, liars, huxters, frauds, film school dropouts and pizza delivery boys. Good luck – I’ve been barking up that tree for a while now.

Now if someone could just explain exactly what Twooferism is. From the context it clearly relates to belief in 9/11 conspiracy theories, and I wonder if it derives from either the two planes or the two towers. I’m also not sure how pizza delivery boys play into this but I’m beginnig to imagine a conspiracy tying in two for one pizza offers with terrorist attacks. Of course, while I enjoyed reading such conspiracy-theory fiction coming from writers like Robert Anton Wilson, there’s a difference between enjoying fiction and lacking the ability to separate fiction from fact.

Update: Shouting The Loudest In the Blogosphere

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  1. 1
    not the senator says:

    The Amazing Randi explains that a Twofer is slang for a 9/11 Truther, the Loose Change crowd:

  2. 2
    MisterVader says:

    I’d like to digress a bit because I heard you’re into Sci-Fi…

    For all the Kubrick (and IPhone) buffs out there:

    A new spoof video making use of 2001: A Space Odyssey recently came out, and there’s a mild amount of interest in the site itself:

    The video spoof itself is fun, but it would appear that there’s an even more compelling reason to check the site out…

    The guys who made the site are now calling for a contest for people to make their own viral videos!

    I can’t wait to see what people can come up with.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    It would be nice to see what people come up with, but unfortunately the link does not work.

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