Regarding Fox News: Let’s Rumble

Roger Ailes  was quoted as again complaining about the Democrats who decided against providing the appearance to credibility to Fox News at the Eric Breindel awards for opinion writing. “The candidates that can’t face Fox, can’t face Al Qaeda,” said Mr. Ailes. “And that’s what’s coming.”

It is fitting that this story appears in connection to an award for opinion writing, as opinion, and not news, is what Fox News is all about. It’s not that the Democrats can’t face Fox, but that they don’t believe an organization which has used previous coverage of Democrats to distort their message should be allowed to cover their debate as news.

In phrasing this as Democrats facing Fox we see the real story. Fox doesn’t want to honestly host a Democratic debate, but wants another forum to attack Democrats and distort what they say. We also see how far conservatives will use hysteria about terrorism to promote their cause.

If Fox were to put aside the claims of being fair and balanced, then a debate involving Democrats and Fox could be possible. If Fox would admit that their function is not to report news but to promote a conservative agenda, including partisan support for Republicans over Democrats, then there is an avenue for a debate. However, such a debate would have to be the Democrats versus Fox News. That’s a debate I’d love to see, but it makes absolutely no sense to allow Fox to cover a debate between Democrats.

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