Former Canadian Ambassador Calls United States “A Theocratic State”

After this statement, watch for conservatives who cannot handle the truth to begin treating Canada as they have treated France:

Frank McKenna, Canada’s former ambassador to Washington, referred to the United States on Friday as “a theocratic state” in which Christian evangelicalism plays a big role in the Republican administration.

“Right now the United States is in many ways a theocratic state, not dissimilar to some of the other religious states in the world where religion has a huge part to play in government.”

He referred to a current congressional investigation in Washington into whether partisan political and religious loyalties were used in the hiring and firing of U.S. attorneys and immigration judges. He also alluded to a report that 150 graduates of a Christian evangelical school have worked at the White House in recent years.

By contrast, he said in a speech to a business audience hosted by the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, “Canada is truly a secular state. Religion and politics do not mix in this country.”

McKenna was outlining differences between the two countries and urged Canadians to be more confident about their different “mind set” on social issues, their economic clout, and their grip on national sovereignty in relation to the United States.

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