Gore Won’t Make a Sherman Statement Ruling Out Run

I almost wish that Gore would give a definate answer about running for President simply so that he could talk about matters of substance and not spend every interview discussing this. Of course that will not happen. The reasons for Gore to leave the door open are rather obvious. In an interview with Larry King, Gore said he will not make a Sherman statement that he will not run:

And I’m — but here is my — and you know my answer, that’s the problem. Because I don’t want to sound repetitive. I am not thinking about being a candidate. I have no plans to be a candidate. But, yes, it’s true, I have not made a so- called Sherman statement and ruled it out for all time. I see no reason or necessity to do that.

But that’s not an effort to be coy or to prop the door open or to invite such speculation. Look, I don’t know why it’s ordained that one — that as soon as one presidential campaign is over with, the next one begins right away. I’m one of those who doesn’t like to see the Christmas goods put into storage right after Halloween.

And I think the American people are not well-served by having an endless campaign. We are 500 days away from the next election. So why just sort of close up the field and say, OK, this is it. Place your bets. I don’t have to play that game.

KING: No, you don’t. But — and I don’t mean to be coy, but why not take the Sherman approach? Why not say, I don’t want to run, and if nominated, I won’t serve?

GORE: Or whatever. Well, I see no reason to do that. Why would I do that?

KING: Because when you don’t, you leave things open.

GORE: Well, look, I’m 59 years old, 59 is the new 58.

KING: And you’re 40.

GORE: Well, I have not closed the door at some point in the future to consider being a candidate. But even saying that makes me want to immediately follow up with another disclaimer. Because I don’t expect it to happen. And I’m not jockeying to create an opportunity for it.

Look, I’m enjoying my life. And I’m enjoying serving in other ways. I have been focused on a different kind of campaign to persuade people in this country and around the world that we have to respond to the climate crisis. It is by far the most dangerous crisis our civilization has ever faced.

And in order to solve, it, we have to address these fundamental problems in the way our democracy is operating today.

After eventually getting this out of the way, the interview did get into other topics including his new book, The Assault on Reason, the war, and global warming.

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