Bush Administration Punishing McClatchy

While so much of the so-called “liberal media” has acted as lap dogs to the Bush administration, McClatchy (formerly Knight-Ridder) has been willing to do real investigating as opposed to reporting government statements as fact. We’ve known all along that the Bush administration makes a Nixonian effort to limit real news, and now it appears that they are retaliating against McClatchy. Editor and Publisher reports:

Staffers at McClatchy’s Washington, D.C., Bureau — one of the few major news outlets skeptical of intelligence reports during the run-up to the war in Iraq — claims it is now being punished for that coverage.

Bureau Chief John Walcott and current and former McClatchy Pentagon correspondents say they have not been allowed on the Defense Secretary’s plane for at least three years, claiming the news company is being retaliated against for its reporting.

“It is because our coverage of Iraq policy has been quite critical,” Walcott told E&P. He added, “I think the idea of public officials barring coverage by people they’ve decided they don’t like is at best unprofessional, at worst undemocratic and petty.”

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    Anonymous says:

    Any enemy of George Bush got to be a friend, except those guys who shoot at us to kill.

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