Amy Sherman-Palladino And The Real Ending To Gilmore Girls

Amy Sherman-Palladino isn’t revealing her planned ending, and four final words, for The Gilmore Girls yet. If this is true, it will be worth waiting to find out what those words are. Michael Ausiello reports in Wednesday’s column that she is looking at making a two-hour movie to properly tie up the series. From the column:

OK, here’s the deal: Yes, I tracked her down, but, no, she did not cough up those elusive four words. But wait — there’s more. And it’s good. No, amazing. No, un-frakkin’-believable. Amazing, even. Wait, did I say that already? Well, it’s true. Because just as I was about to brand her a big ol’ promise-breaker right there in front of all those industry types, Amy explained why she couldn’t divulge her long-ago-planned Gilmore ending. (Gilmore fanatics: This is the time in Sprockets when you either lean on a heavy object or just sit down.) In the next year or two, she hopes to make — wait for it — a two-hour Gilmore Girls TV-movie that ties up all those loose threads! I nearly fell over when she said it — especially given what she told me back in December. (BTW, lest you think Amy was pulling my leg, her partner in life and in showbiz, Dan Palladino, confirmed that a GG reunion pic is something they’re interested in pursuing.) And I wasn’t the only one floored by this development. “She said what?” gasped Scott Patterson after I relayed the information to him over the phone. “I didn’t think she would be interested in doing something like that. But if she says she is, I would seriously consider it.” Alexis Bledel was equally stunned. “A Gilmore Girls reunion?” she said with a laugh. “That’s certainly not something I had thought of doing. That’s really funny, I have no idea how I would feel in a few years. I don’t know, I’m sure the script Amy would write would be great, but I guess I’d have to read it and see how I felt at the time.” Last but not least, Lauren Graham e-mailed me late last night to say, “Could be a fun idea if everyone wanted to do it. I would do it just to get the four final words out of Amy. They torture me.”

Update: One possibility for the final four words is posted here.

Update II: The status of a possible movie and Amy Sherman Palladino’s vague comments on taking Rory on a different path (November 2009).


  1. 1
    Kelly says:

    Rory and Logan should get married in the movie

  2. 2
    Nazmoon says:

    Gilmore Girls- the best show that I have ever seen on tv. I am 57 years old and will say that I have watched all seven seasons over and over again, it never gets old. I would love a gilmore girl movie, it would help with the pain of the series ending. I hope that Rory and Jess would get back together. Maybe he can become a successful writer and Dean will become a contractor with his own business.  Logan should also come back and all three should be vying for Rory’s attention. Please I need a Gilmore Girl movie.

  3. 3
    MissyMoo says:

    My BF gave me the box set of GG while watching GG. I watched it 2 times through start to finish. By watching 2 times in a row you can see how the group work was laid throughout the series. Amy needs to make a movie to fulfill her perfect vision, the vision we all want to see to its zenith

  4. 4
    TheEpicWolf says:

    I really hope there’s a new Gilmore Girls ep or movie. I have been watching Gilmore Girls for ages a hell of alot recently and have to say it’s freakin awesome although my friends say it’s weird(i’m a guy) but i don’t see why 🙂
    Anyway i hope something does happen with this but if Lauren really doesn’t want to do it then i respect that 🙂

  5. 5
    michelle says:

    does anyone know if there is actually going to be a follow-up to season seven? alexis bledel’s twitter seems to be positive enough, but im a huge fan and i hate not knowing!
    does anyone know who we can contact to find out?

  6. 6
    Iveta says:

    i need someone to bring this show back!
    just like the person below said (funny coincidence!), ive watched the show TWICE already. i just finished it for the second time 30 minutes ago =)
    well two and a half cus i watched half before i got the season series set..but thats besides the point.
    i dont care if 95% of america doesnt want the show back, but it would make me happy 🙂

  7. 7
    Lolita says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! DON YOU KNOW HOW AMAZING THIS WOULD BE. God I want it so badly. It would make me so happy, we all know that Gilmore Girls shouldn’t have ended like that. Rory Gilmore’s future, especially, shouldn’t have ended like that. I think we allll want to know whats gonna happen.. or what HAS to happen.
    It would bea fun thing to watch.. I think all Gilmore Girls fans would feel.. complete. Right?

  8. 8
    Lily says:

    I’d like it but I think that’s too late. Same problem with Veronica Mars…the WB don’t want to pay for a movie or anything else. And fans hope something will happen. ( and few years ago with The Dead Zone or even for the second season of Moonlight or Tru Calling…) That’s a pity because these were really good TV series.
    But anyway because Gilmore girls… ♪where you lead, I will follow you ♪

  9. 9
    Ron Chusid says:

    I did read that Kristin Bell was talking about financing a Veronica Mars movie herself but Warner still wouldn’t go along (and the report said they own the rights).

  10. 10
    Catherine says:

    When was this all said? 2010? I am dying to see a gilmore girl movie!!! Their needs to be an ending! I am such a fan of the show and I would love nothing more than to give it a proper ending!!! PLEASE MAKE A MOVIE!!!!!!

  11. 11
    Ron Chusid says:

    The linked post on a possible movie was from November 2009. Since then I’ve seen occasional comments on the possibility but nothing indicating they were really going through with it.

  12. 12
    playinthesurf says:

    The last four words have to be “don’t eat my chicken.”

  13. 13
    sophia yeats says:


  14. 14
    Liz says:

    I only care about the movie if Rory stops being a selfish brat and hunts down Jess to marry him… And if Luke’s random mystery daughter disappears/Lorelai gets her crap together and marries Luke.

  15. 15
    marissa says:

    I sorta agree with liz. Rory should come home from the campaign and accidentally reconnect with jess- and they should get engaged.
    And Lorelai and luke’s wedding needs to be a part of it.

    I am getting sad tho, this movie may not happen cuz it is 2011 and this idea was introduced in 2008! :'(

  16. 16
    Ron Chusid says:

    Rory would have completed her coverage of the 2008 campaign a long time ago. Maybe she is covering one of the candidates for the 2012 nomination. I could just see her mocking Michele Bachmann.

    I’m not too optimistic about a movie, but every now and then I see an interview in which someone on the case is asked and sounds willing to do a movie. I believe the Stars Hollow set is still around on the Warner back lot.

  17. 17
    SV5678 says:

    I actually think the ending of the show was complete and as it should be – however I’d be the first in line at a midnight screening if they ever did a movie – so this is me asking please…? three years late on my comment but still – please?

  18. 18
    SV5678 says:

    and definitely get Milo  – pretty please?

  19. 19
    Ryan E says:

    A Gilmore Girls movie would be soooo amazing.  GG is one of the most well written shows ever.  Hollywood is a business like any other though and it is about the money.  They won’t make a movie unless there’s money to be made.  Maybe if all the fans started speaking up, we’d have a shot at this being made.  It won’t happen until the fans start speaking up.  All of the principal actors seem to be into it if all the others are, now we just need the financing. 

  20. 20
    Ryan E says:

    We do not need Milo back.  Logan all the way!

  21. 21
    Ryan E says:

    And by Logan, I mean Matt of course.

  22. 22
    sam allen says:

    i really hope that you do make a movie of the gilmore girls, we need to finish it the end of season seven leaves so much unspoken. if the can make half the movies about things people arent sure about we know that there is many that would come and watch and it would spark a hole new group of fans to the series, i know my daughter has just started watching it and understanding it

  23. 23
    Anonym says:

    I really want there to be a movie, or just a few episodes more. I’m from Denmark, and i really love the show, and i would buy the movie as soon as it’s in the stores. I was really looking forword to see Lorelai and Luke’s wedding, and I was SO dissapointed when she marries Christopher.
    So I am really hoping for a movie!

  24. 24
    Angelmaid says:

    Last four words?

    Luke to Lorelai: Will you marry me? 

  25. 25
    Angelmaid says:

    In an interview Scott Patterson mentioned the set had been torn down. So even though the lot has been used for other show’s sets’ they can always make a set for a movie. I don’t think that the powers that be have seen the golden opportunity here. There’s been X-Files movies, and Sex In the City movies. They could franchise the show and make two or three movies off of it. It built such a great foundation and the characters had been fleshed out so well by the actors, one of my all time favorites!

  26. 26
    Vanessa Bagwell says:

    I’ve only recently gotten into Gilmore Girls – and admitedly i have yet to brave the final season but I would REALLY love to see a movie. I want Lorelai and Luke to have a proper happy ever after… maybe even a baby or two…

  27. 27
    MangoSunflower says:

    I really really hope they make a movie, i absolutely love this show it makes me happy, if i’m having a bad day it cheers me up, like rhcp music but without the depressing parts.

  28. 28
    number one gilmore girls fan says:

    AMAZING!!!  Loose ends needddddd to get tied, i was looking forward to Luke and Lorelai getting married and see whats in store for Rory!!!!! But seriously ! I cried when it was over and Im still upset and I want a Gilmore Girls movie so BAD!!! It would make me and other fans SO happy and I love Luke and Lorelai, theyre amazing. When I get married and have kids one day I’m gonna name the girl Lorelai and the boy Luke, that’s how much I love Gilmore Girls.  Gilmore Girls FOREVER IN MY HEART!!! xxxx

  29. 29
    doreen says:

    can someone in the media revisit this?  I am very interested in this project but the longer nothing happens I dismay that it never will. help barbara walters.

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