Time Speculates on Gore Run

Those articles speculating on whether Al Gore will run just keep on coming, now from Time:

Despite what you may have read, there are no shadowy meetings in which Gore and his operatives plot his path to power. There is no secret plan. There’s only a vigorous draft-Gore movement that he has nothing to do with (two independent websites—draftgore.com and algore.org—have gathered almost 150,000 signatures so far) and, from time to time, social events at which old Gore hands get together and play a few friendly rounds of what-if.

Some people who know Gore assume he’s biding his time, waiting to pounce; since he’s at 12% in the polls—tied with John Edwards, without even being in the race—he would easily get on the primary ballots if he declared before the deadlines. He may not be rich enough to self-finance, but with his Apple and Google stock, Web following and Silicon Valley connections, money wouldn’t be a huge problem either. “He just has to say the word,” says a wealthy friend. But those who know him well would be very surprised if it happened. He hasn’t built a shadow organization. His travel isn’t calibrated to the primaries. And he’s just not thinking much about politics anymore. “He used to be intensely interested in political gossip—who’s up in the latest poll, and did you hear about so-and-so,” says Carter Eskew, an old friend and former media adviser. “I haven’t had a conversation like that with him since 2002 or 2003 [around the time he decided not to seek a rematch against Bush]. He’s moved on, at least for the time being.” In recent months, as Gore moneymen were recruited by other campaigns, they checked in with Gore. “I said, ‘If I’m raising money for the wrong person, please tell me,'” says one. “Everyone asked that question, and his answer was always the same: ‘Don’t keep your money in your pocket waiting for me.'”

People looking for signs that Gore has a secret plan often point to the fact that he has lost a few pounds and hopes to lose many more. They mention that he hasn’t asked the draft organizers to stop, the way he did before the 2004 election. They point out that in May, a group of former Gore fund raisers met at the Washington home of his onetime chief of staff, Peter Knight. (Someone handed out buttons that said al gore reunion 2007, but it was just a social event; Gore didn’t attend.) They cite October as a good time for him to get in, since that’s when the Nobel Committee announces its Peace Prize. Finally, they point to The Assault on Reason, the sort of book that could be a talisman of intent, since it takes aim at George W. Bush from multiple directions, diagnoses what’s wrong with our democracy and offers ideas for curing it. Why else would you write a book like that, they say, if you weren’t laying down a marker for 2008?

Time also has an excerpt from Al Gore’s book, The Assault on Reason

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