George Bush Is No Ronald Reagan (But Neither Was Reagan)

Conservatives base their thought on mythology rather than reality. I’ve often discussed this with regards to science, including their beliefs that intelligent design is a valid alternative to evolution, and that the consensus of scientific thought on climate change can be ignored because they don’t like the findings. On foreign policy many still maintain that Saddam threatened us with WMD and plotted against us with al Qaeda. As was seen in the recent Republican debate, the ultimate demigod in the conservative mythology is Ronald Reagan. To the conservative mythology, Reagan was a supporter of small government, and inconvenient things like the facts don’t get in the way of this view.

At the Republican debate, Ronald Reagan’s name was mentioned nineteen times, and George Bush’s name was only mentioned once. Townhall has reviewed poll results from Stratigic Vision to show that, along with his drop in popularity, Bush has fallen in the panoply of GOP gods. Among Republicans this might be the ultimate measure of declining support. Polls going back to last fall show a steady decline in all regions of the country among Republicans asked, “Do you view President Bush as a conservative in the mode of Ronald Reagan?”

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