Terrorist Mickey Dropped by Hamas

Traveling to Walt Disney World over the years, ones sees many incarnations of Mickey Mouse. Magic Kingdom has a formal Mickey greeting and saying farewell to guests, and Conductor Mickey at Mickey’s PhilharMagic. Animal Kingdom has Safari Mickey. Disney-MGM Studios has Movie Star Mickey and Sorcerer Mickey. Sometimes Mickeys with an international flair can be seen at Epcot. The Contemporary features dinner with Chef Mickey, and the Poly has had Island Mickey. The one Mickey I couldn’t accept, as dicsussed yesterday, was Terrorist Mickey.

This one just didn’t fit into Walt’s vision. Neither Jasmine or the belly dancers at Epcot’s Moracco have ever advocated violence against the United States. After the story received international attention yesterday, Hamas has dropped the use of a Mickey look-alike to indoctrinate children:

A program using a Mickey Mouse-like character to urge Palestinian children to fight Israel and the West and work for world Islamic domination has been pulled off Hamas’s television station for “review,” Palestinian Information Minister Mustafa Barghouti said Wednesday.

Barghouti said the use of the cartoon character in such a role represented a “mistaken approach” to the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation.

Update: Hamas now plans to continue to air Terrorist Mickey 

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