SciFi Friday: Daleks in Manhattan, Jenna Supports Obama

SciFi Channel has announced the summer schedule. A remake of Flash Gordon premiers on August 10. The third season of Doctor Who starts July 6. I’ll be out of town for the 4th of July holiday, but that won’t matter as by then I’ll have seen the full third season thanks to those kind people in Great Britain who faithfully upload each week’s episode the night it airs. While I haven’t verified the math, I’ve also heard that in the past week Doctor Who passed Star Trek for most episodes, counting all versions of both shows.

I knew I’d love this week’s episode as soon as I saw the Tardis materialize at the base of the Statue of Liberty, followed by The Doctor and Martha walking through Central Park. The episode ends with a cliff hanger as the Daleks present a new threat to make up for them being an endangered species. While I enjoyed the show, such time travel stories always present some problems. If the few surviving Daleks have come back in time to the 1930’s, this would be before most of them were wiped out and there should still be lots of Daleks out there. Of course the same could be said about the Time Lords being killed as there would still be ones roaming through time from before the war.

While it is still early in the season for Doctor Who, network shows are coming towards their season finales. Jericho appears on the verge of war with a neighboring city. It s a good thing they have both a tank and a nuclear bomb hidden away in town. Next week I believe Heroes shows the aftermath five years in the future if New York had been destroyed by the explosion. Considering that the show started around the fifth anniversary of 9/11, and before the Republicans were thrown out of office, I’m wondering if there will be any analogies to the authoritarian pathway the Republicans tried to go down using fear of terrorism as an excuse. Lost appears to be heading towards both wrapping up the story line about The Others as well as returning to the Desmond/Penny story started at the end of last season. Naomi’s identity remains unclear, but fans on the web have answered one small mystery. When Naomi was talking to Bakunin, who looks quite well after his recent “death,” it is not surprising to find that she was not really thanking him for his assistance. Word on the web is that Naomi was saying, “I am not the only one.”

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry will be inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in June.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip returns on May 24 to air the six remaining episodes. As they were still filming the final episodes when it appeared clear the show had little chance to be renewed, hopefully they came up with a good ending for the show.

While Studio 60, a drama about the making of a comedy show, did’t make it, 30 Rock, the comedy about making a comedy, has been renewed. The show aired its season finale this week, and earlier in the season the show presented some political analysis as Jenna took on Chris Matthews and Tucker Carlson:


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