Infiltrating the Mainstream Media–And Out Ranking the A List Blogs

There’s been a lot posts on the B-List and C-List blogs about the frustration of feeling left out as the A-List blogs get the most links and readers. Naturally those of us who take the time to write blog posts hope that people will read them. Many B-List bloggers feel frustrated that, even if they were to write better posts than those at the A-List blogs, the A-List blogs will continue to receive the most traffic. Fortunately not all sources of exposure for bloggers are concerned with looking at just those blogs with the most traffic. Looking at some stats I found a good example of both getting out the message from Liberal Values beyond our usual readers, as well as earning a ranking in the same range as some of the A-List blogs such as The Carpetbagger Report and Think Progress, while many others are not included.

An increasing number of posts from Liberal Values and other blogs are carried at the web sites of newspapers and television stations in the mainstream media thanks to BlogBurst. Typically such sites will include a list of blog posts related to an article they run, including the full text of the blog post and a link back to the blog. These include both political and non-political blogs, with non-political blog posts greatly outnumbering political blogs. For example, there are blogs dealing with travel, automobiles, and television which are linked to newspaper articles on their topics.

I just noticed the leaderboard at BlogBurst for this quarter and found that Liberal Values is ranked number 28, which is also the highest ranking for a political blog. Other political blogs in the top 100 this quarter include Think Progress (#51), The Carpetbagger Report (#52), Cato-at-liberty (67), The Democratic Daily (#70), The War Room | Election 2008 (#76), 2008 Central (#81), Say Anything (#91), and Iowa Voice (#94). This represents an overall improvement for Liberal Values and other liberal blogs compared to the final stats for the first quarter, which ranked political blogs with The Carpetbagger Report at #67, Donklephant at # 69, Liberal Values at #77, The Democratic Daily at #82, CultureKitchen at #91, and CommenTerry at #100.

Some examples of posts from Liberal Values can be seen at USA Today (including here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), The Palm Beach Post, The Austin Statesman, WPXI in Pittsburgh, WMAQ in Chicago, KCCI in Des Moines, KNBC in Los Angeles, KETV in Omaha, The Dayton Daily News, WYFF in Greenville, and NewsNet5 in Cleveland. Many other sites also have carried our posts through Reuters.


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    janet says:

    I may not comment everyday but I read your blog every single day. It is thoughtful and intelligent. My hubby doesn’t have time to read political blogs so I tell him about yours. Keep up the good work.

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    citizen says:

    ilove reading different views. Idont agree with most of this site. But i enjoy constuctive debate.

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