More Subversive Ideas At Disney: Bill Nye the Evolution Huckster

The previous post on the reaction of fundamentalists to gay weddings at Disney parks was cross posted as a diary at Daily Kos. During the discussion at Kos someone noted the fundamentalist objections to the support for evolution seen at Disney. I replied that I’ve always considered the Universe of Energy Pavilion at Epcot to be one of the more “subversive” exhibits. Ellen DeGeneres (a lesbian) stars in a film which promotes evolution, and also teaches that the earth is older than the age stated in the bible. I decided to run a Google search, and actually did find that the religious right has noticed this:

Disney Showcases Evolution Propaganda Masterpiece 11/27/2000
On the Scene Report Opened a couple of years ago, Universe of Energy is one of several attractions at Epcot that portray molecules-to-man evolution as fact, with high-tech special effects, Star Wars quality surround sound, audio animatronics, simulation seats and fast-moving, humorous scripting. The attraction propels 500 impressionable youngsters and adults through the dazzling displays every 17 minutes, as it illustrates everything from the Big Bang to dinosaurs to the ultimate future, where the correct answer for the Double Jeopardy question What is the only energy source that will never run out? is: brain power.

Even atheistic scientists should be ashamed at some of the shallow science presented in these attractions, such as picturing the Big Bang from the outside (there is no outside to a universe that encompasses everything), or that brain power would survive the heat death of the universe. To be fair, Epcot in this holiday season does have a nice manger scene, Christian Christmas carols playing over the intercoms, good patriotic programs and other clean fun, but in the scientific programs, never is God mentioned any time, nor even a hint that anybody, anywhere believes anything else than that evolution is fact. The host of “Universe of Energy,” Bill Nye the Science Guy, could better be named Bill Nye the Evolution Huckster. And won’t parents just be thrilled to find out that the star of the show, who outwits Albert Einstein and exits to thunderous applause is none other than openly-homosexual actress Ellen DeGeneres.

Recommended Reading: Chuck Colson has an excellent treatment of Epcot’s evolution propaganda and the harm it can cause to Christian families in his millennium magnum opus, How Now Shall We Live?

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  1. 1
    C_G_K says:

    Bill Bye has recently started to emerge as a flaming liberal, probably much to your approval. I have news for you, scientists can be liberals, and liberals can be biased in their worldview, and this can creep into how they view science. I hope you don’t find this news too shocking!!

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    This is neither shocking or news. Scientists can hold any political beliefs, but it is much harder to be a conservative now that conservativism is so hostile to science.

    If you actually read this blog, rather than posting bases upon your preconceptions, you’d also see that I commonly criticize the biases of liberals as well as conservatives. While it is certainly not always the case, adherence to the scientific method should provide for an evaluation of the truth regardless of one’s biases.

    I imagine, as many do on the right, that you simply find it easier to write off established scientific views on subjects such as evolution as liberal bias.

  3. 3
    Steve says:


    I’m a christian man myself and believe that God created the heavens and the earth, but also believe that we humans evolved.

    For humans to state blithely that the earth is only a few thousands of years old just because the bible says so is arrogance.

    Why can’t evolution be a work of God? Who are we to dictate what time is to God? A million years can be less than a blink of an eye. You might want to check out said Good Book somewhere around the story of Babel for the results of what happened last time man got arrogant.

    Be careful. Remember, God made man in his image. Narrow minded thinking like this is dangerously close to attempting to create God in man’s image.

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:


    “Why can’t evolution be a work of God?”

    There are many people who believe tihs, and see studying science, including evolution, as finding out more about the work of God. It is a shame that some feel they that their religious beliefs prevents them from accepting modern science.

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