Warning Will Robinson: Gay Monstrosties at Disney World!!!

The Walt Disney Company recently announced that they would allow gay wedding ceremonies at its parks (as opposed to hidden away in resort conference rooms). It didn’t take long for the right wingers to go ballistic:

Christian families could be exposed to more than they bargained for if they take a vacation to Walt Disney World or Disneyland, according to the president of the American Family Association.

The Walt Disney Company recently announced it was making wedding ceremonies at its parks and on its cruise lines available to homosexual couples. For years, The Walt Disney Company had limited its “Fairy Tale Wedding” program to couples with valid marriage licenses. But a Disney spokesman says that policy was changed after a homosexual couple contacted the company, wanting to use its wedding service.

One pro-homosexual website quotes a Disney representative as saying the company’s decision to update its program guidelines to include “commitment ceremonies” is consistent with Disney’s overall policy of “creating a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive environment” for its guests. “We are not in the business of making judgments about the lifestyles of our guests,” said the Disney spokesman. “We are in the hospitality business and our parks and resorts are open to everyone.”

Such inclusiveness, says AFA president Tim Wildmon, is why families must be warned. “You could be innocently taking your family to Disney World or Disneyland, and you’re walking down the middle of the park and here’s comes this parade of wedding attendees [that includes] two men who’ve just gotten ‘married’ at Disney World,” he says. “That’s something to take into consideration before you go and patronize the Walt Disney Company this summer.”

Wildmon believes a ten-year boycott of The Walt Disney Company by pro-family organizations made a lasting impact and impression. But the family advocate contends Disney’s recent move is another example of the influence homosexual activists have with secular businesses.

“Secular corporations continue to have pressure applied to them by secular forces. The homosexual agenda — those who promote that movement — want to use Disney as much as they possibly can to legitimize their particular lifestyle, and the Disney Corporation in this case has gone along with them.”

The wedding service offers ceremonies at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California (homosexual “marriage” is legal in neither state) and on Disney’s cruise ships. According to Reuters, the packages can cost upwards of $8,000.

The story linked above even has a typical tourist picture with Mickey with the ominous caption: Unsuspecting Family With Mickey. There, you’ve all been warned that you might run into gay people at Disney World. The good news is that this might scare away some of the kooks, reducing the need to issue a warning about running into homophobes at Walt Disney World.

Update: More Subversive Ideas At Disney: Bill Nye the Evolution Huckster

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