Obama’s Top Ten Fabrications As Created By The RNC

Hotline-on-Call has posted Obama’s Top Ten Fabrications, invented by the Republican National Committee in preparation for Barack Obama’s scheduled appearance on David Letterman’s show. If this is the best they can do, the RNC is slipping. They’ve invented far better lies in the past. Sooner or later we’ll hear from the Obama Class Mates For Truth and get the real dirt (even if invented). Despite the claim of fabrications here, I suspect that if you take two old class mates as adults and ask them their perceptions of what happened during their school years, you will get two different stories and both will pass a polygraph test.

It is hardly worth going through the full list. The top Obama fabrication deals with the story Obama said he read in Life but couldn’t be found. It does appear to be true that the article Obama mentioned did not appear in Life. It turns out that similar stories appeared in both Time and Look. I guess everyone will have to decide for themselves if they can vote for a man who would confuse Time and Life magazines. Then they can consider a President who confused Iraq for the people behind the 9/11 attack and went to war against the wrong country. Apparently some of the current GOP candidates even backed that decision.

I’m not sure of the answers to some of the others, but they are pretty mild compared to many of the statements from the Republican front runners. Anyone want to discuss Mitt Romney’s life-long hunting? It is possible that Obama did take some artistic license in writing his autobiography. I guess it would be good to get an explanation for these possible discrepancies, but actually I’m far more interested in hearing the details of Obama’s health care plan or how he’d get us out of Iraq.

Update: More debunking at The Anonymous Liberal

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    Linda says:

    Well I just received an email from ‘a friend’ with the lies. I am furious. As an Obama supporter, i politely replied 🙂
    what are people so afraid of? He gets my vote no matter what crap is thrown at me.
    And I don’t even consider myself a liberal just a human who thinks that he will run the country well.

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