Money Primary Leaves Front Runner Positions Confused

This just might not be a good year to be a front runner. The old conventional wisdom was that Hillary was unbeatable. Now we have at least a two way race, with Obama raising $25 million, coming only about one million behind Clinton. Obama raised his money from 100,000 individuals, while Clinton received money from 50,000. This leaves Obama with many more people who have contributed less than the maximum and who might contribute more during the year. Obama has also raised $4.2 million more than Clinton on the internet.Edwards trails Clinton and Obama with raising $14 million, but he continues to be strong in Iowa and New Hampshire polls which could give him momentum leading into the multi-state primaries in February. Richardson’s $6 million keep him alive as an alternative to those dissatisfied with the front runners and at least keeps him in the lead among the second tier candidates.

The Republican race is even more confusing. McCain lost his front runner status to Giuliani, but Romeny raised more than either, despite doing poorly in the polls. Republicans, who have lots of make believe ideas, seem to like the idea of yet another make believe actor President, with Fred Thompson appearing like he might jump to the head of the GOP pack if he were to enter the race.

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