Six Years Threatened For Medicinal Marijuana Use

Why is this guy going on trial? A columnist for the Denver Post tells the story of Jack Branson, who was arrested for growing marijuana. Branson was advised by his physician to use marijuana to ease his pain from AIDs but now faces a six year prison term. Colorado has even legalized medicinal use of marijuana. Columnist David Harsanyi concludes by writing:

Of course, however tragic our situations, we can’t pick and choose which laws to follow. And Branson did not have the proper paperwork.

But district attorneys (and the one in Adams did not return my call) do pick and choose whom they prosecute – by prioritizing and weighing the importance of each case.

At the very worst, Branson was engaged in a victimless crime. This isn’t a burnout deadhead with a debilitating case of bad vibes looking for a legal toke.

Does Branson deserve jail for this crime? Do the taxpayers of Adams County deserve to pay for this prosecution?

I’m not sure any reasonable person would say yes.

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