Correcting the Timeline and Setting The Universe Right

The past six years have felt like a Star Trek episode where one thing in history is made to occur differently than intended, and the whole timeline is changed in terrible ways. In The City on the Edge of Forever, one seemingly small change led to the Nazis winning World War II and the entire Galaxy was different until the timeline was restored. At times it feels like George Bush becoming President is an anomaly which has changed our timeline for the worse. Some of the sentiment for a Gore run could be seen as buyer’s remorse, or perhaps as a feeling that this is how we set the time lineback to how it was meant to be.

When Al Gore guest hosted Saturday Night Live he gave a humorous look at how things could have been different (transcript here). FireDogLake presents a scenario of what could have happened if Sandra Day O’Connor had predicted the consequences of George Bush taking office and had voted to allow the Florida recounts to continue. While overly optimistic in some areas, there is no doubt the country and the world would have been much better off.

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