More Galactica in Season 4 and Guessing the Cylon

While fans are preparing for the season finale by playing “guess who is the Cylon,” the SciFi Channel has announced that season four will have twenty-two episodes of Battlestar Galactica as is customary on the broadcast networks, as opposed to the thirteen episodes originally planned. This will include a two hour episode in the fourth quarter which will also be released on DVD. After season three being a bit of a let down compared to the first two, I do hope that they can sustain the quality over the full season. Perhaps the longer time frame will allow them to more gradually set up situations for the next season.

As for guessing the Cylon, we are certainly being led to believe it may be those who are hearing that music–Colonel Tigh, Tori, and Anders. It would be especially easy to either write out or radically change the role of either Tori or Anders, especially with Starbuck apparently dead. Having Tigh be a Cylon without realizing it would be a strange twist considering his policy on suspected Cylon collaborators, but hasn’t he been through enough all ready?

We know little about Tori so it would be easy to change her role dramatically. If Kara Thrace is dead or radically changed, this would also be an easy way to give Anders a new role. Besides, if Starbuck does return (as I suspect she will to set up the end of season cliff hanger), she’s now free to go after Lee if they get Anders out of the way.

Besides guessing that we will see the return of Starbuck in the season finale, I’m betting that Baltar either gets acquitted or otherwise escapes execution. He’s just too complex a character to be eliminated. Perhaps Gerald Ford will offer him a full, free, and absolute pardon for all crimes committed as President. We can bet President Roslin won’t make such an offer.

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    Avram says:

    Ah, but those who hear the music may just have a “cylon chip” in their heads like Baltar.

    Anyway, at my day job all the watercooler talk this week was about guessing who is a Cylon. So we each picked a few characters and wrote up a huge article guessing about who might or might not be a Cylon:

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    Ron Chusid says:


    I agree they might be throwing us off with the music. Notice I said, “we are certainly being led to believe it may be those who are hearing that music.” I thought that was a good starting point for speculation, but agree that this might not be the answer.

    Does Baltar have a “Cylon chip” in his head? I’m not sure that’s the explanation for his visions of Six. After all, others have had people in their head, including Adama. I suspect this might be a plot device which is never really explained.

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