Edwards to Continue Campaign (Updated Post)

(Initial Headline: Edwards to Suspend Campaign)

As has been feared since tha announcement of the press conference yesterday, Politico has reported that John Edwards is suspending his campaign due to the recurrence of Elizabeth’s breast cancer. It is not known whether he will be dropping out. It is understandable that at this time Edwards must make his family his top priority and hopefully the recurrence can be treated successfully.

I still recall when word first came out about Elizabeth’s cancer and we received a number of hostile comments about her on the pro-Kerry blogs which remained open after the election. This sick attitude persists as some of the initial comments at Politico’s post also have derogatory comments about them.

The official press conference to make the announcement is scheduled for noon.

Update: At the press conference Edwards announced he will remain in the race.

Update II: The loser of the day was Ben Smith at Politico who released a story before the press conference stating that John Edwards would be suspending his campaign. CNN and other media sources quoted him multiple times in the coverage leading up to the press conference. Ben Smith has a follow up post about the error in his earlier post here.

Update III: The Populist writes that bloggers “look very stupid” for misreporting the story that Edwards was going to suspend his campaign. Bloggers who quoted Politico hardly appear stupid. Politico has broken other stories and is considered a reliable source. CNN and other members of the newsmedia were also quoting them. Web sites such as at CNN had banners with the “breaking news” that Edwards was suspending his campaign, giving the impression that this story had been verified. Bloggers, who do not have the access to receive independent verification from the campaign, were doing all we could reasonably do in linking back to our source, and checking other news sources to see that they were also carrying the story. This blog entry was also updated and corrected while the press conference was in process. On the other hand, news organizations which carried this story, and which do have the abiility to obtain independent confirmation, could be open to criticism.

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