Conservatives Reduced To More Smears Following Gore Testimony

As the Washington Post notes in their headline, Gore Returns to Capitol Hill a Hero and a Target. While many news reports described the “rock star” treatment he received as record numbers of people tried to hear Gore’s testimony, the right wing, as usual, has resorted to dishonest smears due to a lack of any real rebuttal.

The most absurd and dishonest attack came from Senator Inhofe, who found it newsworthy to release a press release that Gore wouldn’t sign a pledge he came up with which has little to do with what Gore actually advocates. This is reminiscent of the recent smears on Gore’s energy use, previously discussed here and here.

Inhofe takes the contradictory stance of denying the established science on climate change while simultaneously calling on Gore to personally take a pledge to take action which differs substantially from the action which Gore recommends. Inhofe also stresses the energy use at Al Gore’s home, ignoring the difference between Gore’s recommendations on carbon use as opposed to total energy use.

The call for Gore to limit the energy use in his home to that of the average American family is also absurd considering that both he and his wife run businesses from the home, and that the home is in an area with substantially above average energy needs for cooling. Besides, considering how he is owned by the energy industry and repeats their line regardless of the degree to which it is contradicted by the consensus of scientific thought, Inhofe is the last person to raise charges of hypocrisy against anyone.

Needless to say, the conservative blogosphere (such as here, here, here, and here), always ready to join in an attack on a Democrat without any regard to its validity, is regurgitating this attack just as they’ve been programmed to do. Once again we see how conservatives react when all the facts are against them.

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