Obama Gaining on Clinton in Two Polls

I’ve been avoiding posting much on polls about the 2008 contenders as they mean so little this far out. I’ve seen too many front runners like Edmund Musky and Howard Dean collapse. I’ve also seen dark horses come out of nowhere like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and have seen John Kerry go from an early favorite (along with Joe Lieberman who also collapsed) to trailing Al Sharpton in the polls, to coming back to win.

While the polls have limited predictive value, there is some excitement when the front runner changes. We’ve seen Rudy Giuliani pass early favorite John McCain, but I doubt that many would argue that the GOP race is settled. We might also be looking at a coming change in the top spot in the Democratic race. The New York Post reports that an upcoming Time poll shows Obama Surging. Obama, who trailed by nineteen points in January, is now within the margin of error, trailing by seven. Obama’s campaign might also be helped by the finding that he leads Giuliani in a head to head match up by one point while Clinton trails Giuliani by four percent.

Other polls show Clinton still having a more significant lead over Obama but the American Research Group Poll shows Obama trailing Clinton by only three points.

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