Groups Attacking Republican Front Runners

It looks like each of the GOP front runners has a group going after them:

John McCain has Vietnam Veterans Against McCain. The group opposes McCain for his efforts to normalize relations with Vietnam and had also formed Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry. Kerry and McCain had worked together on the normalization of relations.

The New York Daily News reports on a feud between Rudy Giuliani and New York fire fighters:

His withdrawal from the International Association of Fire Fighters forum exposed simmering tensions between the former mayor and city fire unions over his decision in November 2001 to limit FDNY personnel at Ground Zero.

Before Giuliani’s decision, hundreds of firefighters were allowed to stay at Ground Zero to dig for remains of their 343 missing comrades, an intensely emotional quest.

But citing safety concerns, Giuliani decided on Nov. 2, 2001, to limit the number of FDNY searchers to 25 – touching off brief but furious scuffles between the NYPD and the FDNY and earning Giuliani the lasting animosity of many city fire officers.

Mass Republicans for Truth plans a web site to expose Mitt Romney’s flip flops on social issues.

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