Huckabee on Energy Independence and Teaching Music

Mike Huckabee is not someone I could consider voting for. With that out of the way, there’s no need to dwell on our many areas of disagreement and I’ll just quote some answers in this Newsweek interview which I found interesting:

Evangelicals are starting to split over the issue of global warming. Some argue it’s a moral imperative, while others worry focusing on climate change dilutes the more traditional social-issues agenda. Do you want to make stopping global warming a central cause?
I don’t try to get into the middle of the science of global warming.

But do you believe there’s a human role in climate change?
There may be. But whether there is or there isn’t, it doesn’t release us from the responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. It’s the old boy scout rule: you leave your campsite in as good or better shape than how you found it. It’s a spiritual issue. [The earth] belongs to God. I have no right to destroy it. I think we work toward alternative energy sources. [We need to make it] like the Manhattan Project or going to the moon. We need to accelerate our energy independence.

Do you believe that gays are going to hell?
No. I don’t know that Baptists would make a statement that anyone goes to hell based on sexual orientation. Heaven is about one’s personal faith and therefore it has to do with one’s relationship to Jesus, not someone’s relationship to someone else.

I understand you carry a concealed weapon. Is it on you right now?
No. You’re safe.

When you were governor of Arkansas, you pushed through an initiative that provided basic health insurance for children of the working poor. Would you push for a similar result on the national level? What about universal health care? Would you raise taxes to do it?
I don’t think we have to raise taxes. The problem is when people think the answer is universal health care. The issue is universal health. We do need a broader coverage, but it can’t be everything you want any time you want it. We have universal health care for acute trauma. We don’t have universal insurance coverage for everybody. It would bankrupt us under the current system. What we need a system is where everyone has skin in the game, personal responsibility, where there are incentives for healthy behavior and for management of one’s health-care expenses.

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?
There’s one issue I want to touch on. A key element of education is music and art education. It’s not expendable, extracurricular or extraneous. The future economy of America is going to be a creative economy. I am very passionate about it. Math, science and language scores improve dramatically when the student has music skills. Spatial reasoning is enhanced by music instructions. It is who we are. It defines us as a culture and a civilization. Very few people my age are still playing tackle football, but I’m still playing bass guitar in a rock-and-roll band.

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  1. 1
    beachmom says:

    I’m with Huckabee on music and art. “Universal healthcare for accute care” is a real insult. If you have cancer but don’t go to the hospital until you actually get sick, it’s too late, and you’re probably going to die. What completely stupid arguments he makes.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    I have one minor nitpick regarding his statement on music and art. “Math, science and language scores improve dramatically when the student has music skills.” We hear this a lot (with some controversy over whether it is true) but is this the real test? Music and art should be teached for their own value. We don’t judge teaching other subjects by whether them improve scores in yet other subjects.

    As for health care, I took this as a long winded way to say he would do nothing significant without making this immediately obvious to all readers.

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