The Problem At Walter Reed to the Conservative Mind

We thought that the problem was that patients in a military hospital were being mistreated. Alas, us bleeding heart liberals got it wrong again. The problem is that it made Bush look bad, as Brit Hume explained:

It looks terrible, which is the problem. The problem is that it looks as if this administration, which has sent troops into harm’s way, is now neglecting them when they’re injured and need care and help.

There were victims here. If not for those Democrats taking control of Congress, Bush wouldn’t have had to request resignations from the Army Secretary and the chief of Walter Reed.  After all, “This is an administration which is known or had been known for sticking by people even when they were embattled.”

Which is more absurd–the claims that it is the Republicans who support the troops, or the claim that Fox is a fair and balanced news network?

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