Teresa Heinz Kerry on Women’s Health and the Environment


Despite losing in 2004, many good things came of the election, including the opportunity to meet, and spend time talking with, Teresa Heinz Kerry. Incidentally, while Elizabeth Edwards is currently exciting many in the blogosphere by her involvement, Teresa has also followed the blogs. When we were introduced during a campaign stop in Michigan shortly before the Iowa primary (picture above) she immediately recognized my name, and gave me a big hug for all the posts I had written supporting her husband.

The election is long over, but Teresa is still keeping busy. On April 20 Teresa Heinz and the Heinz Endowments are sponsoring a conference on Women’s Health and the Environment in Pittsburgh. Further information can be obtained by calling (412) 641-4059. The Heniz Family Philanthropies have also started a newsletter on Women’s Health & Environment News. This Moment on Earth: Today’s New Environmentalists and Their Vision for the Future, a book on the environment by John Kerry and Teresa Heinz will be released on March 26. Following is the description of the book at Amazon:

An inspiring celebration of courageous American innovators who are transforming the way we protect and care for the world we live in.

The environment, and the movement that grew up to protect it, is under attack–concerted and purposeful. Yet the need for solutions to pressing environmental problems grows more urgent each day. Teresa Heinz Kerry and Senator John Kerry traveled across the country in a national campaign to see at first hand how these issues unite people across party and ideological lines. From the San Juan Basin to the Gulf of Mexico to the South Bronx, from mothers on Cape Cod to Colorado ranchers, they found a vibrant coalition of people and communities deploying ingenuity, technology, and sheer will power to save the world they know and love. Now, in this passionate and personal book, Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry shine the spotlight on an inspiring crosssection of these new environmental pioneers.

The book combines intensive research with keenly observed personal experiences to present a portrait of Americans devoted to the natural diversity and spectacular uniqueness of our country. It also includes an extensive guide on where and how readers can get involved.

About the Author
John Kerry has served four terms as Senator from Massachusetts. As ranking member and Chairman of the Fish and Marine subcommittee, he was able to write or rewrite laws affecting national fisheries, flood insurance, marine mammals, coral reefs, the Gulf of Mexico dead zone and to engage very directly in the battles over global climate change, alternative and renewable fuels and fuel efficiency standards.

Teresa Heinz Kerry is chairman of The Howard Heinz Endowment and the Heinz Family Philanthropies, and a winner of the Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal for Humanitarianism for her work protecting the environment, promoting health care and education and uplifting women and children throughout the world.


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    MH says:

    Thanks for this post, Ron!

    Turns out there is a website for the conference:

    I’m planning to attend – looking forward to it. Not only to see Teresa (always a pleasure), but to see and, (if the gods smile on me) maybe even meet Steve Curwood.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The link didn’t work when I tried it before so I didn’t incluce it in the post, but its working now so I edited to add it. Either it was down temporarily or I mistyped.

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