Sydney Paper Reveals How To Determine Gore’s Plans

While Americans have been distracted by the recent smears on Al Gore, the Sydney Morning Herald sticks with the biggest question–whether he plans to run for President. They believe Hillary is scared:

But the main reason Gore is such a threat to Clinton and, for that matter, to Obama and to the other contenders for the Democratic nomination is that he remains a political figure of substance, a former vice-president with the sort of experience that Obama cannot match and with a standing in the party – and in the country – Clinton would die for.

They note that Gore says he is not running but is still doing a lot to remain in the public eye. They have a way to predict whether Gore is planning to get into the race–watch his weight. They trace the significance of his weight to after being denied the Presidency in 2000:

Gore disappeared from public view for months, travelling in Europe and sailing around the Greek Islands, wondering what to do next. He was a 52-year-old failed presidential candidate, who had served nine years in the Senate before he was chosen by Bill Clinton as his running mate in 1992. Politics had been his life.

What he did next was put on weight and grow a beard, a signal, said his wife, Tipper, that he was done with politics and done with Washington. The loss to Bush had been so personally traumatic that he determined that his political career was well and truly over.

So, fat matters with Gore: it is a sign of the level of his political ambition. That is why the Clinton camp reckons that if he hits the gym, it will be time for panic – it will offer compelling evidence that Gore will make a run for the Democratic Party’s nomination, a move that would completely change the dynamics of the 2008 presidential race.

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    Mullah Cimoc says:

    Mulah Cimoc say keep you eye on neocon agent of the israeli.

    Must obedient slave of israeli or not be allow run president of usa.

    him go back long time spy in white house and war dept. now calling pentagon. why calling this name. this name symbol?

    google: mighty wurlitzer +cia learn truth about not free press in land of ameriki.

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