Virtual Attack on John Edwards

There is a certain irony is how I have one post today on the desire of voters to see less dirty fighting between the parties which is surrounded by posts related to dishonest attacks against both John Kerry and Al Gore. Conservatives have taken this to a new level–attacking the virtual campaign headquarters of the Edwards campaign in Second Life. From the Edwards blog:

Shortly before midnight (CST) on Monday, February 26, a group of republican Second Life users, some sporting “Bush ’08” tags, vandalized the John Edwards Second Life HQ. They plastered the area with Marxist/Lenninist posters and slogans, a feces spewing obsenity, and a photoshopped picture of John in blackface, all the while harrassing visitors with right-wing nonsense and obsenity-laden abuse of Democrats in general and John in particular.

Shakespeare’s Sister, who has some personal experience in the hatred of the right wing, writes:

I’m so utterly sick of there being not the teensiest wee shred of “live and let live” among the worst elements of the rightwing—they’ve got to silence and destroy everything and anyone who disagrees with them. They live to ruin and demolish and spoil—and if anyone different than them has the temerity to be having fun or feeling good for one bloody second, the sorry blighters can’t resist swooping in to piss all over the parade, then revel in their own success. Bullies—all of them.

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