Kerry Called Hero By Swiftie Backer

Since yesterday’s post, more information has come out on John Kerry’s questioning of Sam Fox, the nominee for Ambassador to Belgium who had also contributed money to the Swift Boat liars. Mary Ann Akers quotes Fox as calling Kerry a hero:

Fox replied that he was “very concerned” that politics have become too “mean and destructive,” especially with the participation of independent 527 groups. He subtly alluded to the Swift Boat campaign against Kerry and not-so-subtly tried to redirect Kerry’s line of questioning by saying (with a straight face) to Kerry, “Senator, you’re a hero,” adding that no 527 group “can take that away from you.”

In the comments to the previous post, MBK reports having watched the video of the hearings found that the mainstream media had ignored another important aspect of the story. She reports, “the first part of Sen. Kerry’s interrogation covered the nominee’s qualifications, or, more accurately, his utter LACK of qualifications, to be ambassador of Belgium. Kerry eviscerated this guy slowly, calmly, devastatingly. Kerry’s knowledge of Belgium exceeded Fox’s by about 10,000 times.”

John Kerry’s blog lists several blog posts on this story.

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