Oscar Win Stimulates Further Speculation of Gore Run

The publicity from last night’s Oscar win has predictably started yet another round of speculation among those who would like to see Gore elected President again. Politco provides a good round up of his recent activity and comments, much of which has already been the subject of posts here and around the blogosphere. They quote Donna Brazile:

“Honestly, this was the inaugural parade we all envisioned,” said Donna Brazile, his former campaign manager. “Gore’s political stock is hot right now. I don’t know if I would cash in now with so many players still on stage. There’s no reason to force him to declare tomorrow. ”

Indeed, Brazile said the former vice president could wait as late as the time states begin requiring delegate slates and statements of candidacy, since he could raise money quickly and much of the campaigns’ budgets are devoted to a long nominating process he would avoid. “This was one of those rare moments, similar to the civil rights movement, when you experience the ground shifting,” she said. “Perhaps it’s not a movement for a presidential run, but a moment for the debate to start for real change on how we live on planet earth.”

Washington Whispers speculated yesterday that Gore could wait to enter the race as he could finance the early stages of a run himself:

If you’re wondering why, despite his denials, Al Gore remains the most talked about nonpresidential candidate, it’s this: His friends think he’s done so well in the private world that he could bankroll the start of his own 2008 bid. “If Al Gore wants to run, he will come with all the means necessary,” says longtime ally Donna Brazile. “Al Gore is someone who can pull it off at half time,” she said. But he’s got competing interests for his wallet: Friends say he also wants to expand his global climate change campaign.

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