President Palmer Defends Obama

TV Squad quotes DB Woodside, who plays President Wayne Palmer on 24 as being supportive of Barack Obama:

Woodside also said he thinks comparisons between the fictional Wayne Palmer and the real-life presidential campaign of Illinois Senator Barack Obama are “unfair.” Admitting that Wayne Palmer is untested and not very commanding, he told the magazine that Obama is just the opposite and is “the most exciting candidate to come on the scene in my lifetime.”

I’ve already noted that The West Wing may have helped Bill Richardson by giving us a hispanic president as the series ended. 24 has now had two black presidents and Commander-In-Chief had a woman President possibly making Obama and Hillary Clinton appear more plausible as presidents. (Or is 24 trying to sell us on the idea of a brother of a former president, considering what we know about the conservative bias of some of the creators of the show?)

You have to feel sorry for John Edwards who is placed at a disadvantage by television portrayals of people like his opponents as president. People just might not take his campaign seriously, as they have trouble seeing a trial lawyer as president. Perhaps Boston Legal will quickly have Denny Crain get elected president.

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