Doctors and Evolution

Pharyngula raises questions about the medical profession’s understanding of evolution by quoting from this report which states that when medical journals publish studies about things like antibiotic resistance, they avoid mentioning evolution when writing about antimicrobrial resistance. They they use words such as to “emerge,” “arise,” or “spread” rather than “evolve.” PZ Meyers asks, “are they poorly educated, cowardly, or do the granting agencies or journal publishers actually pressure them to avoid ‘controversial’ words?” My response as posted in the comments:

Personally I check on a person’s views about evolution as part of every medical history. If they don’t believe in evolution I stick with older, less expensive antibiotics like ampicillin and don’t both them with issues such as antibiotic resistance. I also give these patients one influenza vaccine and tell them that, according to their belief system, it should work for the flu in future years and there is no need to repeat it every year.

Ok, I’m just joking here. I’d try to stick up for my profession but unfortunately I realize that any defense of the medical profession could be refuted with just two words: Deepak Chopra.

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