The Blogosphere: The Most Trusted Name in News

A survey reports that Americans trust the blogs more than the mainstream media:

A majority of Americans have more faith in bloggers as purveyors of news than traditional media which they say is out of touch with what the people want.

A majority of 55 per cent in an online survey said bloggers are important to the future of American journalism and 74 per cent believe that “citizen journalism” will play a vital role in future.

Around 74 per cent opine that Internet has had a positive impact on overall quality of journalism and 53 per cent consider Internet-based media provide the greatest opportunity to the future of professional journalism.

The survey conducted by the Mediav was released at a conference hosted by the School of Communications of Miami.

I do wonder about the quality of the survey. Even though the blogosphere is apparently more trusted, I’m not sure about anything labeled “an online survey.”

Hat tip to Secular Blasphemy, which is suspicious as to why this was only found in an Indian newspaper.)

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