Clinton Attacks Obama for Fundraiser’s Comments Quoted by Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd’s last two columns on Obama (quoted here and here) are causing the campaign to heat up. Hillary Clinton‘s campaign has called on Obama to cut his ties with David Geffen and return the money he raised. Clinton’s campaign incorrectly identifies Geffen as Obama’s “campaign finance chair.”

While the Clinton campaign is holding Obama responsible for attacks from one of his supporters, First Read notes that last week when they published “ill-judged comments made by Clinton campaign chair Terry McAuliffe about immigration, Clinton aides registered their unhappiness at being tied to those remarks.”

If Clinton is going to protest attacks, perhaps we should start with her recent comments insinuating that her opponents would be soft on fighting terrorism. We already get far too much of that claim from the Republicans, and I find this comment from Clinton far worse (and potentially damaging to her party) than anything Geffen said about her.

Media Matters has also reviewed last week’s column, arguing that Dowd’s comments on Obama were incorrect.

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