Former CIA Agent Debunks Attacks on Plame and Wilson

The evidence presented at Libby’s trial verifies what we already knew–the Bush administration was engaging in a campaign to both deceive the American people about Iraq and to discredit those who opposed them. The authoritarian mind set of many Bush-worshippers cause them to believe the most implausible excuses. They claim that Valerie Plame was not really covert, or that her identity was exposed by her own husband. They attribute statements to Wilson he never made, and then attack him when it is shown that these statements he never made are not true.

Former CIA agent Larry Johnson provides more accurate background information on the case at his blog as he debunks the claims made in a Washington Post op-ed. He verifies that Plame was undercover at the time her identity was exposed:

Valerie Plame was undercover until the day she was identified in Robert Novak’s column.  I entered on duty with Valerie in September of 1985.  Every single member of our class–which was comprised of Case Officers, Analysts, Scientists, and Admin folks–were undercover.  I was an analyst and Valerie was a case officer.  Case officers work in the Directorate of Operations and work overseas recruiting spies and running clandestine operations.  Although Valerie started out working under “official cover”–i.e., she declared she worked for the U.S. Government but in something innocuous, like the State Department–she later became a NOC aka non official cover officer.

Johnson provides further evidence that Plame was undercover as well as debunking many of the claims made about Wilson. He notes, “The INR memo introduced in the Libby trial confirms Joe’s account as well about what he told the CIA debriefing team.” Johnson sums up the lessons from this case:

Thanks to the work of Patrick Fitzgerald and his team of prosecutors, we now know beyond any doubt that the Vice President of the United States and members of his staff ignored intelligence and tried to spin the press away from the truth that Joe Wilson found in Africa–Iraq had not sought uranium.   Cheney and Libby feared what the American people might do if they discovered they had been lied to about the case for war in Iraq.  Now there is no doubt.  They did lie and these lies have been exposed.

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