Even Conservatives Tire of Multiple Choice Romney

Mitt Romeny of 1994 sounded so much different (and from my perspective, better) than the current Mitt Romney, as seen in this video. Don’t just take my word for it. Even many Republicans are realizing that Mitt Romney is the true flip flopper from Massachusetts. Redstate writes “I’m Giving Up on Multiple Choice Mitt.” They note his “explanations” and his “dodges” on abortion, stem cell research, campaign finance reform, taxes, homosexuality, and most recently his statements on having voted for Paul Tsongas.

Not all conservatives oppose Romney, who at this point has an excellent chance of contesting McCain and Giuliani for the nomination. Jeb Bush is reportedly steering his advisors towards Romney.

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    cadmium says:

    Democrats should never get complacent about Romney. He has serious political and financial contacts everywhere and he comes off as competent and honest from a distance.

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